Rare COSTUME JEWELRY Worth Real MONEY (Huge Collection)

Rare COSTUME JEWELRY Worth Real MONEY (Huge Collection)

LEARN how to identify costume jewelry worth money! I breakdown the rare vintage costume jewelry pieces in my personal vintage jewelry collection and explain why they are rare, why they are valuable, and how to train your eye to recognize high value vintage jewelry! I show you dozens of jewelry designers and categories that are under the radar and easily missed!

I am a vintage jewelry expert and have a vast collection of vintage jewelry and clothes. I have been a source for movies and TV, (the last being “The Irishman”). I make videos on creating personal style with modern clothes we buy everyday, and adding vintage finds and thrifted treasure! I’ve been a high-end NY vintage shop owner, have styled people, and my personal collection remains a source closet for designers and wardrobe directors. I make new videos every week (or almost every week) subscribe now to see them all! xo ~D Hudson Vintage

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50 Replies to “Rare COSTUME JEWELRY Worth Real MONEY (Huge Collection)”

  1. I have a monet chocker with a pink ribbon on it. It is gold or something like it.i have seen several Monet necklaces with ribbon fronts, but none like this one ☺️it has Monet on the back of the ribbon.also on the rectangle peice at the clasp.could you let me know if it is a keeper?🙂

  2. I think your pretty ccool.I like your presentations. You are clear, vocally and we actually SEE what you display; you make a point of that.

  3. Fantastic collections. The large crystal triple strand necklace that you can’t attribute is actually a contemporary, well-made import. Likely manufactured under higher quality control measures but not by any known designer. They’re boutique or trendy shop items. I have bought many vintage to new lots that included these types of hefty, chic quality crystal necklaces with the same large lobster closures. Also, many years ago I had that necklace that is on the cover of the Monet book. It was so tangled, I gave up on it and discarded it. Wish I had it back…I’d give another crack at detangling it, lol.

  4. I can’t see the jewelry…slow down or get better camera…and stop putting in the jewelry

  5. I would watch you talk about every single piece of your jewelry. I’m so happy I stumbled on this video. And I love how every time you pick up or put on a new piece you smile so brightly!

  6. Another great video! So informative and interesting. I’d love to find some books on vintage jewelry.

  7. Hi i love watching you…i have some ventage jewelry collection of my mother inlaw.you might help for the value.

  8. The music in the background is very distracting and not necessary. I want to hear you, not the music!

  9. had a signed black netted kramer necklace and earrings with purple stones s0ld it for probably half price at 175,00

  10. YOU are the best at presentations. Keep up the good work and honesty.

  11. I’m not a fan of some of the Joan Rivers pieces and I’m not a fan of Kenneth Jay Lane stuff.

  12. I really enjoyed th pieces and your pleasing demeanor. Love your knowledge. I am 78 and have been buying and wearing costume pieces since I was very young I literally own thousands of pieces, I just love the beautiful artistry in design and colors. Have too much and i would like to sell if i could find a buyer. Truly I have sooo[ooomucnI

  13. I have so much costume jewelry from years of collecting. I would like to know values as well as aspects.

  14. I’m so glad that I found your channel! (Was at your reverse auction yesterday). Also – your hair is gorgeous 😊

  15. Love all the beautiful pieces. Do you know the market value of your pieces to share with your audience? 😷

  16. Just watched you for the first time. You are wonderful. Very calm and informative. Been around the block eh? Live it all. I have quite a collection from about three grandmother’s and many things I have collected over the years. I have no idea if valueable, but it’s not junk, I have a pretty good eye. I will remember you dear and give your name to my son’s, if that’s okay with you, so when the time comes, they will have someone knowledgeable and honest to get a valuation. If that is something you be interested in. We live in Minnesota and am just guessing you don’t☺️ Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed your sharing your pretties and knowledge. Take care and stay safe.

  17. Thank you for all your interesting video’s.
    You show on the cover of your book at 15.15 monet necklace similarto one I have, but doesn’t drop down into a fall of gold baubles.
    Ours is I think a two or three-strand of the gold baubles.
    Really interesting.

  18. Gotta go. See you soon.
    P.S. I also would like to send a few photos of a few items. Not to identify, just to give you an idea of what I have. If so, how can I send photos. I’m not very tech savvy now days. I’m getting older (60) and technology getting newer.

  19. Thank you for sharing your love and dedication of vast knowledge! I am a Fan now for sure !

  20. Wow! Thank you so much for this amazing video! I have liked and Subscribed, I look forward to your new posts and to watching everything I’ve missed as I’ve just discovered you today with "brooch collections" in the YouTube search field.

  21. Do you buy l have thousands of pieces in brooches l have some signed Trifaria l saw could be worth a thousand dollars necklaces and bracelets that are beautiful but not marked lots are glass beads a big box of clip on earrings and screw on these pieces are beautiful do you buy l collected over forty years my daughter does not want them and l am not Abel to sell one at a time got to get rid of am not able to care for l have coat hangers hanging full of necklaces l have old Greun watches also Bulova etc old cuff links watches some have jewels please respond lots of old antiques old look magazines sixties a Bible Grace Kelly signed before Hollywood mink coat and mink shoulder wraps thank you

  22. WoW!! I have some Money, Coro, Bakelite plus!!! I love jewelry!! Have alot. Maybe I can identify some of the unsigned stuff from what you just showed me. I will be a regular!! Thx for your knowledge!! ❤️🌹🙋🏻‍♀️

  23. where should i uy for tester for diamond,silver ,real amethyst citrine and peredot
    please assist thank you

  24. loved your material but…when you show the item up to the camera you go too close and it blurs so much you cant see it. Thanks for sharing

  25. Love all things vintage, especially jewelry. I’m addicted to your channel Dawn! I’ve came across a signed Austria (possibly Schoffel) demi parure as well a Hattie Carnegie set. Do you have any in your collection that you can show and speak about? I love that your mom modeled for Hattie 🥰. I know how you feel when you regret selling a piece that you now want to find again. I had an 80s Kunio Matsumoto for Trifari multicolor grape leaves brooch that I miss dearly. I recently sold a 1940s Trifari demi parure to the Costume Dept in Studio City for a certain show too…🎬 but the show is probably on hiatus now…I would watch it just to see my jewelry 😄

  26. The Mitchel Mair clasp is exactly like one of the clasp that Kenneth Lane uses ! Interesting . Wealth of info here ! Thanks.

  27. Love it!!!! i’ve learned some ideas about vintage art deco jewelries…Thanks a lot….

  28. I collect a lot of the same jewels that you do. The Monet pieces are fabulous; the matching earrings are beyond stunning. And don’t even get me started on the Dior festoon necklace-WOW!!! Although I didn’t hear you mention Juliana D&E, I’ve decided to sell my Juliana collection-it’s just not interesting to me anymore. I have about 5 parure sets & many demi/single pieces including a belt. I now collect a lot of vintage Givenchy & Dior pieces because I wear them.
    Anyways, this was fun to watch.

  29. Thanks for all the info 🙏💫 I thrift got all sorts of items, I innerstand and appreciate all the time and research you put in, I have grown to fall in love with a lot of pieces I’ve found, truly inspires my inner vision in my drawings and Art 💎💫

  30. Just bought a small lot of costume jewelry and watch’s. Got them really cheap, thought what the hey maybe I can sell some on ebay:) Just starting to learn about them. I’m a sucker for shinny sparkling things:) I found your presentation very interesting. Any time I can learn something new. I’m always looking for a way to make an extra buck or two. At least with jewelry it’s small easy to ship. I like that about it. But if you don’t know what your looking at you may pass right by it, Ugg I do that way to often…

  31. What a great video! So informative. I’ve been a vintage jewelry lover for years (also a vintage and retro bead collector/seller/jewelry maker). I’ve recently purchased a couple of pieces on an online (local, fundraiser) auction. One is a clearly marked Weiss that I THINK is the ‘smokey’ rhinestones. It’s a double strand bracelet. The other is not marked and is so over the top phenomenal that it can hardly be overstated. It’s a mult strand AB bracelet with a focal that is I think called a ‘Tivoli’; a pointed/faceted rhinestone? Unfortunately it is unmarked and it’s driving me crazy to know who made it. Too beautiful and well made not to be one of the known designers. I’ve looked everywhere I know to look online but have had no luck identifying it. Any tips? Thanks for the video and your obvious knowledge 🙂

  32. Could I send you some pieces of jewelry to identify and choose whether or not you’re interested in purchasing some?

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