MY DESIGNER JEWELRY COLLECTION & ORGANIZATION | Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior, Hermes, Cartier

MY DESIGNER JEWELRY COLLECTION & ORGANIZATION | Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior, Hermes, Cartier

MY DESIGNER JEWERLY COLLECTION & ORGANIZATION | Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior, Hermes, Cartier, YSL & more

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✨ ITEMS SHOWN (that have links)

Stackers Trays:
Stackers Expandable Necklace tray:
Other jewellery tray options I love (just need to find your right dimensions)
Set of 5 trays:
Best seller stackable tray:
Stackable with faux leather in pink:

Muji clear Acrylic Storage Box (same as mine):
Muji Velour Grid Insert (earrings):
Muii Velour Tray (bracelet or necklaces):
Another great Clear Acrylic Jewelry Box:

MIM 2 in 1 Earrings: – Special Price using this link:
code: MIM10 for 10% off
% of EVERY sale will go CHARITY: The Fred Hollows Foundation

YSL tassel earrings (under $400):

VCA Malachite Earrings:
VCA Blue Agate Alhambra Bracelet:
VCA Carnelian Alhambra Bracelet:

CC Drop Earrings Matt Gold:
Chanel CC Crystal Drop Earrings:
CHA-NEL earrings (new): or plain gold:
Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings:
Crystal Chain CC Studs:
Chanel CC Pearl/Crystal dangle earrings:
Chanel Studs Pearl/Green (I own pink):

Dior Pearl Tribales Dangle earrings:
Metal J’Adior Earrings
J’Adior Hoops:



MYTHERESA: Extra 20% off sale:
Lunar New Year Offer: code LNY21:

GIVENCHY Anitgona Nano (50% off):
ZIMMERMAN Paisley Dress (similar to mine at 50% off): or
longer version:
BALMAIN Jacket (same as mine at 50% off):
BY FAR (less than $250):
BOYY bag (50% off):
LOEWE Blk Belt (50% off):
GIANVITO ROSSI blk heels (70% off):
VALENTINO white sneakers (50% off):
LOVESHACK Fancy Dress (almost 90% off):

My EXCLUSIVE Discount Codes:

❤️ 7RP: The only Inserts I use for Hermes Birkin/Kelly/Picotin & Evelyne
(HIGHEST CODE offered):
CODE: “MIM40” to get 40€ off 1
Or MIM85 to get 85€ off 2 inserts + Free Shipping!

Code:MIM50OFF for $50 off for extra $50 off any order over $300
Mini Maestra:

❤️ LILYSILK: code: “MIM15OFF” for extra 15% OFF!
MIM Lace Silk Blouse With Removable Bow (S):
MIM 2 in 1 Silk Shirt (S):
Tip: Buy on the US website (it’s cheaper)


For any Business Inquires email me at:
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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. All opinions are my own and everything was purchased by myself. Some links may be affiliated. Purchasing an item(s) via the affiliate link doesn’t affect the price you pay. Instead I may receive a small % commission for sharing these items with you. Thank you for your support! xx Mel #designerjewelrycollection #melinmelbourne

50 Replies to “MY DESIGNER JEWELRY COLLECTION & ORGANIZATION | Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Dior, Hermes, Cartier”

  1. I never have any interest to buy those kind of accessories. No value. Rather spent and buy real gold and real diamond.

  2. Nice jewelries,,im also reselling golds.maybe y’all interested.. just comment down below..

  3. Can’t believe all the snobs here bashing her for her Chanel earrings. If that’s what she loves and feels good wearing, they’re worth every penny she spent on them.

  4. Beautiful set up !!!
    I love your Muji set up as well…I’ve tried looking for it and trying to match up with the foamy thingies inside, but I can’t seem to find them exactly….are you thinking of getting rid of your Muji set up? I would be so interested in purchasing from you the 6 stack …what do you say? Hope you see this and answer me …luv you and take care ! Thanks 😊

  5. I love your set up! It’s almost like I’m shopping and being shown the pieces 🤩

  6. Fine jewelry are much much valuable than costume jewelry. Just imagine you hadn’t bought these costume jewelry and instead, save these monies for fine’ll have more VCA than current collection..looking forward to your next fine jewelry collection video ☺️

  7. Hey Mel, i find you perfume bottles soo cute, why do u get them in small sizes?

  8. Thank you so much for doing this video, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you sharing your wonderful jewellery collection, and sorting it out. Mine is in need of a sort out/clear out and will take your tip and buy some of the jewellery dividers. Just loved it, thank you Mel 😘 xxx

  9. સવયંજાતાય નમ : સુલભાયનમ : સુવ ત્્યનમ :

  10. Wow Mel you have an amazing designer jewelry collection. I love the holders/organizers you use too. You have so many beautiful Chanel earrings😍😍 Wow those VCA Alhambra are stunning💚 TFS!!

  11. Considering how deep the drawer is, would it be possible to remove the foam and just double up on the Stackers? The whole point is they are Stackable 😉

  12. **links to the exact Stackers & Muji Jewelry units and trays in my description box above
    Hi my loves! Apologies if you saw this notification earlier. I had some technical difficulties so had to re-upload. This has been a much requested video so I hope you enjoy! Comment below what’s your favourite designer jewellery brand? Xx

  13. Gorgeous collection, Mel😍 they make me want to get all dolled up💛 (In reality, laying in bed with a big bun & pjs🙈)

  14. 🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking… What happened to the Vintage Chanel??? You came through… Amazing collection and organization. TFS 💕

  15. Cannot wait to watch your sunglasses drawer!! I think I might get some slasher. 👀 YOUR JEWELRY (more space) You will wear your jewelry. I have that problem too.

  16. Mashaallah subhaanallah beautiful collection especially the pearl ones

  17. Please do a perfume collection if you can! 6:58! You were so adorable in this video since it was less formal than your usual ones (i don’t know if that’s weird to say 🤣)

  18. Hi new friend here from California stay connected ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Hi Mel! Have you thought about adding Louis Vuitton jewellery pieces to your collection? ❤️

  20. Я тоже хочу такое количество украшений❤и такой камод 🌹вот бы найти такой

  21. Maybe the free space you can place tray of silica gel (dehumidifier) to absorb the moisture

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