How to find Vendors for Jewelry Line & Online Boutique | Do's & Don'ts | Christian Entrepreneur

How to find Vendors for Jewelry Line & Online Boutique | Do's & Don'ts | Christian Entrepreneur

Hey loves, I’ve been sourcing for my jewelry line on Alibaba for the past 7 months now and have run into a few things worth mentioning. I hope this helps as you begin to launch your projects. Let me know what you are working on in the comments below.

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Hey guys!! A lot of you have so many questions about sourcing on Alibaba. I put together an easy to follow ebook to help you all get started! It also included the template I used when talking to vendors and how to choose the best ones for your business.
The Jewelry Biz for Beginners Handbook

If you need exclusive help, you can also schedule a clarity call with me. I look forward to working with you!
1:1 Clarity Call and Vision Planning

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  1. This video was very useful!! I was wondering if you would be willing to tell me the name of your manufacturer/vendor. I am having trouble finding one and I would like to see how yours is . Thank you very much for making this very informative video

  2. Also what is a logo tag ? Ik it’s the square thingy but does it says your business name orrrrr ?

  3. thanks so much for sharing this info! to clarify – you have to pay shipping for both the sample to be sent and then for the bulk order as well? that’s what id assume but want to be sure… are you ever able to negotiate shipping costs? thanks again for creating valuable content 🙂

  4. Hi Monique! I just found your channel & I love your personality & content had to subscribe. Also, how long does it take for your jewelry samples to come in? I hope you respond. Thank you!

  5. Monique, you give me that Kenya Moore vibe….really pretty and you look sound like her too queen! Thanks for the vids!

  6. How do you deal with paying for shipping for the sample? I find that the sample is relatively cheap but paying $30 for shipping for each sample from different suppliers isn’t sustainable since I’m a very small business. How did you start out?

  7. Hi!! Could you share a list of good vendors? this will be great Im located in Italy

  8. Thank you so much for this video. Very helpful. I’m working on hair growth oils that I’m going to sell. Still doing research on oils to see which ones are more beneficial. New subbie.

  9. When reaching out to vendors and asking for a sample with logo/customization, should I send a picture of the logo/how I want item to be customized?

  10. I’m 25 and working on getting out of the military. I run a small shop on Etsy right now but I’m hoping to start getting in more phone cases and adding my personal touch to them and sell them.

  11. Hello this is yahara. Would u still order from.them considering the covid 19 is causing shipping from over seas to take much longer?

  12. Can somebody explain what OEM or ODM is ? Ik what she said but could you give me more of an example ?

  13. I really love your video..very informative. Can I please get the template you mentioned? Thanks

  14. Hey! First off thank you so much for this valuable information, your are golden. Is it too much to ask what vendor your were working with you when you posted this video? My handle on ig is: naraa.jpg if you prefer to DM me. Thank you once again!! Stay blessed.
    Also, how many pages is your e-book? I’m interested in purchasing.

  15. Hey! First of all this video helped me so much as I’m currently working on my own jewellery line! I just wanted to ask when asking for a sample, do you just say what you had in mind and they sed you one piece as a test?

  16. Thank you for the information provided in the video. I am looking to create fine jewelry, using preious metals such as gold and silver, as well as gemstones. Would you recommend "OEM" on Alibaba? It has been a challenge to find help for fine jewelry. Please if you know something that may help me on my journey toward creating a fine jewlry line, I would be very obliged.

  17. ☺️Hi Monique When ordering samples from a suppliers should I order just one sample, and once I find out the quality is A1 go ahead and order the larger quantity and any other items I like? Or Should I order a sample of every single item I am interested in selling from that one supplier before committing to a large order?

  18. This is so helpful😭❤ thank you so much….
    I want to start a jewelry business and I dont know how to start… please help me through it

  19. I’m starting a jewelry business I would really apriciate if you can link me with your vendor

  20. Alibaba has extremely expensive shipping fees. It’s like double the price just for getting it to my homeland. Is there any solution for that? I had to turn to AliExpress in order to find cost effective vendors. What’s your opinion on that?

  21. You need to speak to Peter Stone. This is Precisely what I built my own company because I have all these challenges and problems. I know my sterling is real sterling. I make it. We are transparent and we are American Owned. We communicate clearly and quickly. We will not be as Cheap as CHINA but we NEVER sell inferior quality and we do Custom designs – Check us out. Monique, I’ll save You and your listener!

  22. This is am amazing! I’m also a Christian with a jewelry business. But it’s hard since I want people to buy & I’ve only have people in my circle buy. What would you recommend? I’m on all social media

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