This crazy designer outlet mall located outside of Florence Italy in Tuscany is a must see if you love shopping and getting designer discounts at stores like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Chloe, Valentino and more. You won’t believe these 50%-80% discount at Gucci and all the luxury shopping you could ask for.

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50 Replies to “CRAZY LUXURY OUTLET MALL IN FLORENCE ITALY (Gucci Outlet With 50% Off!?)”

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  2. Remember you also claim back the tax you paid on any transaction over 175 euro. Bargains!

  3. OOOOH WOOOOW Thank you for this Vlog! I just purchased recently my Petit Sac Plat and I am very excited to share its now live via my vlog channel. ❤️💕❤️💕

    SUPER SUPER SUPER COOOL VLOG! Loooove this episode. I LOOOOOVE LUXURY BAGS ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

  4. was just there this May too! and man, spent much more than i should have lmao.

  5. The saint laurent black sneakers was so nice if u dont mind how much it is? Thanks 🥰🥰

  6. the mall is my favorite outlet so far… asside from the mall theres a lot of outlet but.. i mean the most luxury that they have is the mall… you can chill shop unwind repeat. . friendly tip.. dont bring 100€ only u can buy 1 item in 1 shop.. but your eyes are fully amazed.. hehe.

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  8. I went there myself during my stay in Florence a few years back. I bought two Gucci bags that’ I still use today. I also bought from Miu Miu a pair of sunglasses and SLGs. Thinking back, I wish I bought more ! It was the best outlet mall I’ve ever been to! 😀

  9. I saw that (Mega hits 2019 summer mix #18) used your video clips. If you start from 1:10:38 you’ll see yourself.

  10. the white Parada sneakers are stunning, I wish I was there . I want have a pair. Hahahaha

  11. Known about this place for years – the more people know about it, the less the discounts will be 🤦🏾‍♂️ some things are just meant to be kept quiet for a reason…!

  12. Yes I love Gucci even though some people don’t like it,Gucci items have a higher value than other designers 😉👍

  13. Hey Laura thanks for posting this video! I am going to Florence in July and will be going to the mall!! I’m so excited but I have a question about the shuttle bus that I can’t seem to find online. When you purchase your roundtrip ticket do you need to preselect a specific shuttle bus return time or can you just go to the bus stop when you are done shopping? Thanks!!

  14. Hi Laura! Im a long time sub! I think you’re truly one of the most talented videographers here on YouTube (no lie, no embellishing, no sucking up lol). Youre one of the people that inspired me to start my own channel. You’ve really committed to your channel through the years through your channel highs and lows! Your inspiring to watch and your skills are next level! You deserve more subs! I also watch Megan now too! I can tell you’re a great teacher for creators! I was so happy to see you made a video on Gucci, as I just did a similar video myself! Happy to see great minds think alike! Wish you all the best! Feel free to check it out! ❤ Brooke Alexandra

  15. take me forever to get Tonia away fom the bags and shoes but that backpack one at the start wouldnt hold much does it great fun here stay safe

  16. In Italy ti vesti bene anche con 10 € per pezzo. Te lo dice un Italiano settima generazione.

  17. Very helpful video,last month I purchased the wonderful product from

  18. I’m with you, I’m not much of a Gucci fan. I’m planning a trim to Italy next year and definitely going to make a stop at the outlets in Florence, I got my eye on a PRADA bag and possibly Saint Laurent. I would also like to get some sneakers similar to what you purchased.

  19. in my country we can get a good shoes in 8- 15 euros….
    visit nepal in 2020

  20. The Mall is a fun place.. good to remember thought that the outlet quality is often not as good as from the flag store. They make products for outlets.

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