5 Jewelry Tips EVERY Girl Should Know Before Buying Pieces | Mejuri Collab

5 Jewelry Tips EVERY Girl Should Know Before Buying Pieces | Mejuri Collab

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// 5 Jewelry Secrets Every Girl Should Know Before Buying Pieces | Mejuri //

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1:06 // Tip 1: Make it Meaningful
2:15 // Tip 2: Stick to Minimal Pieces
2:59 // Tip 3: Quality, Then Quantity
4:15 // Tip 4: Heirloom
4:48 // Tip 5: Know Your Preferred Size/Length

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50 Replies to “5 Jewelry Tips EVERY Girl Should Know Before Buying Pieces | Mejuri Collab”

  1. I have been experiencing a lot of problems lately when it comes to wearing earrings. It seems I have developed high sensitivity if not allergic reaction to gold. Do you have any advice on how to prevent that from happening? I’d really like to be able to enjoy my gold and pearl beauties. Thanks!

  2. Yes true..i also feel that there is something missing if i didn’t wear some jewelries.

    Thanks Bethany for sharing ideas💖

  3. what is your zodiac sign? Just curious since you shared the jewelry in this video. I was also curious how old you are Bethany? In several videos you mention that people told you that you looked 12 before you found and defined your classic/chic personal wardrobe style, so i was curious to know how old you actually are? Thanks Bethany – Love your channel! 🙂

  4. After watching your video, I made my first Mejuri purchase! I am extremely happy with my necklace and I will definitely be adding to my collection with Mejuri. For my first purchase I went with the vermeil the quality is very nice ( a little more yellow then I would have liked) but non the less it’s a beautiful piece. My husband loves it and I’ve received many compliments. Kudos to Mejuri and their packaging I was pleasantly surprised.

  5. I really loved your tips <3. Can you please make a separate video on how to choose rings to wear out of a collection or something?

  6. I’ve always struggled with buying rings and wearing them once I’ve bought them. I feel like they just fall off, even when they’re all the way on my hand. I’ve never worn them on my knuckles, but I feel like that would make them even more likely to slip off.
    I really love the look of rings, but I can’t seem to make it work. Any advice?

  7. All thanks to Dennis__forex09 via Instagram thought me a lot about forex trading and now I’m earning enough to purchase any jewelry of my choice

  8. Her grandfather was an astronomy professor! That makes her even more dreamy to me

  9. I’d always loved silver and hated gold before I started watching your videos. Now silver seems kinda empty to me… lacking that warmth..
    I bought my first golden ring yesterday, it looks sooo chic!

  10. Hi, Bethany. Do you think that a gold name necklace kinda SATC is tacky? Thank you for your videos ♥︎

  11. I used to forgo jewelry, because it was such a hassle to detangle necklaces and I’m allergic to certain metals so can’t always buy sterling silver or gold. But you’re right, they do elevate your look. This time, I went with gold after wearing silver for years. Because higher end gold is more expensive, I’m starting out with more affordable options like gold vermeil, which is gold layered over sterling silver. There’s no chance of my skin reacting to that so it’s a relief to know.

  12. Do you guys know a silver jewelry brand ? like minimal stile… I don’t like gold

  13. I want a every day necklace, the zodiac necklace is beautiful I would get my sign Virgo

  14. Stack rings should be sized up, especially the ones with wider band width. Also, fingers may get thickened with age (not everyone, some people). Buying rings to fit larger fingers and later wear them on smaller fingers would be a way to prolong your face rings’ life span; because not every ring can be resized.

  15. I’m very sad that I’ve lost one ring that belonged to my mother and another ring that belonged to my grandmother, because i never took them to re-size and they a bit big for my fingers.

  16. You should check out YCL Jewels. They have truly gorgeous pieces and great customer service. I have about… four pieces from them now and the quality is amazing!

  17. I do agree with you, a piece is jewellery has meaning, I love the antique gold and silver pieces that I have inherited from my relatives as well as the investment pieces I have purchased over the years. Loved your perspective, I will love to pass down my pieces to my daughters.

  18. Thanks a Ton dear for changing my style of wearing clothes n now I hv added jewelleries with my clothes n I felt confident jus bcoz of u 🌸

  19. The biggest mistake I’ve made in buying jewelry online is scale. As a petite with a very small head and face, jewelry often looks goofy on me because it’s just too big, especially that sold by lines that market to mature women. Now I don’t buy unless they show it on a model, that helps. Also, fine jewelry tends to be smaller in scale because of the high material cost. I think, in general, the more classic the item, the greater the longevity.

  20. What I wear every single day is my engagement ring (oval center, rose gold diamond band) – It’s my favorite piece of jewelry ever, makes me so happy every time I look at it

  21. Mam, I am 21 years old. So should I wear gold metal jewellery for all time?

  22. Tip: If you can’t get solid gold, search for gold filled jewelry. It will last longer than gold plated and vermeil, and it is often cheaper.

  23. I came across your channel earlier this week and I have watched over 20 of your videos back to back. You’re incredibly beautiful 😍 and you remind me of April Kepner from Grey’s anatomy!

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