10 FINDABLE Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay

10 FINDABLE Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay

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10 High End Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay
These are all brands I have found in jewelry jars or out thrifting at Goodwill or at garage sales.

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24 Replies to “10 FINDABLE Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay”

  1. Great vid! I have not yet met your schnitzel character 😉 but hope to.. good costume jewelry brands for me.. findable.. Trifari, Kenneth Jay lane or kjl for Avon; southwest style jewelry; of course Miriam Haskell but she’s not so easy to find.. Chanel is da bomb but I’ve only come across it in the wild twice. One was a great magnifying glass necklace.

  2. I found a YSL necklace for under $10 and sold it for $250! Score. I’ve found almost all of those brands at the thrift store.

  3. Price that ring from Australia for double what you were seeing since they were shipping from Australia, look at those shipping charges!

  4. Im still learning about sterling silver. Especially makers. Ive been binge watching your videos, they’ll great and you have a fabulous personality. Thx

  5. Been selling clothing over a year. About 3 weeks or so in on jewelry (and coins) I found a nice TRIFARI necklace and a couple SARAH COV.
    Not sure if youve covered those yet…new here.

  6. like the topic , but you need to calm down just a tad. I have a lot of stuff my grandmother left and do not know what it is worth. so chill honey you’ll be ok

  7. I found some that have no idea what they are. Maybe someone knows. One has a V on it and one has a cross hashtag looking thing. I find Avon often. Love your videos just started buying boxed lots… what a rush!

  8. I meant TFS! Hahaha. I found some similar to your cuff bracelet, calling it a "Tory Burch STYLE bracelet" and selling for $14.95. Just wanted to let you know, not trying to be like "nah nah its a fake", but I don’t want you to list it as Tory Burch when it is not and you have an unhappy customer on your hands. Thanks Margaret!

  9. Would you try to clean the Chan lu with damp cloth or a little something ?

  10. Great video , I’ve come across at least 6 of those brands ❤️

  11. Hi, is it just me or does that not look like a tory burch logo? If you look at her logo it is clearly two T’s. Yours looks like it is a knock off trying to look like a Tory Burch. Anyway, informative video, bfs

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