How To Make Turquoise And Pearl Earrings: Jewelry Tutorial

How To Make Turquoise And Pearl Earrings: Jewelry Tutorial

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How To Make Turquoise Pearl Earrings
by Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil
The O’Neil Sisters
Running With Sisters

Transcript (abridged)
“To make the earrings you’ll need to freshwater pearls that are potato shaped, 12 turquoise seed beads, two pieces of 26 gauge wire. We’re using gold wire and it’s 4 inches long, each piece. Two head pins that are gold. Two earring wires also gold. And then for tools you need round-nose pliers and wire cutters. To make each earring start with a 4 inch piece of 26 gauge wire and make a little circle in the middle of our wire. I’m going to place the wire so it’s up near the top part of the round-nose pliers and I’m just going to pull the wire around on both sides to make a loop there in our wire and now we can feed on 6 of our seed beads. I’m going to take my crisscross of wires and crisscross a little bit more to make that circle a little bit smaller. Now I want to make a little wrapped loop in the top of my circle and to do that I’m going to use my round-nose pliers to make a bend in one of the wires. And now I can take the other wire and wrap it around that neck of the other wire and I’m gonna just loosely with this wire. I’m going to trim we’ll end because it’s getting a little hard to wrap it around. And with this other end, I’m gonna make a loop with my round-nose pliers. I’m going to do that just by bending the wire so it’s got a 90 degree bend in it. Take my round-nose pliers and grasp where that bend is and I’m going to pull the wire up and over that jaw, the top jaw of my pliers, reposition my pliers to the bottom of my jaws are in the loop and pull the wire around to make a loop. And now I’m going to wrap the loop by grasping across the loop like that and pulling the wire around. And I’m just going to wrap that some more like that. Now I’m going to trim the wire with my wire cutters. And I’m gonna set that aside and make our little pearl dangle. To do that. I’m going to start with a head pin, take one of my potato-shaped freshwater pearls and slide that on and now I’m going to make a wrapped loop. And to do that I’m going to do kind of what I just did. It’s a little bit similar. I’m going to use my round-nose pliers. I’m going to grasp the wire right above that potato-shaped freshwater pearl, bend the wire 90 degrees toward me, like that. I’m going to reposition the pliers so they’re at the top of that 90 degree bend, like that. And then take the end of the wire and pull it so it goes up and over the top jaw of my pliers. I’m going to reposition the pliers so the bottom jaw is in the loop and I’m going to pull the wire around to make a nice round loop. I’m going to slide this flower into the loop. And what I want to do is make sure that I’ve got three beads on either side of where this loop on our dangle is going to sit. And now I can wrap that loop. And to do that I’m going to grasp the loop across using my round-nose pliers, and I’m going to pull the tail around to wrap the loop. And I’m going to wrap it as, a bunch of times again to make another little messy wrap. I’m going to just trim the end, like that. And now we’ve got our little earring and we can just feed it on to our earring wire. The loop is already open there. And now I’m going to use my round-nose pliers. Just press the loop closed a little bit more. And we’ve got one earring done and now we’ll do the same technique to make the second earring. And now we’ve got a pretty pair of turquoise and pearl earrings.”

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