Free Jewelry Wholesale Vendors!! + Jewelry Q&A || EP. 3

Free Jewelry Wholesale Vendors!! + Jewelry Q&A || EP. 3

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34 Replies to “Free Jewelry Wholesale Vendors!! + Jewelry Q&A || EP. 3”

  1. Thanks girl! I enjoyed receiving this great information. You’re a big help. I’m going to check these pages out. ❤️

  2. Hey! I have a question about the picture necklaces.

    I purchased the customizable picture necklaces. But, they don’t come with a covering to protect pictures. 🥺 it’s just the charm and the chain.

    Are people buying glass/plastic and cutting them on their own to fix this issue?

  3. Hi, does it come with instructions on how to take care of the jewelry or were you just knowledgeable on what to say. Enjoyed your video

  4. do you get these products shipped to you? or do they ship directly from the warehouse to the customer?

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