Entire Designer Jewelry Collection 2021 – RANKED, TRY-ON & STORAGE | FashionablyAMY

Entire Designer Jewelry Collection 2021 – RANKED, TRY-ON & STORAGE | FashionablyAMY

My Entire Luxury Designer Jewelry Collection Tried-On and Explained! Shop Italo Jewelry here https://bit.ly/39jpZNU and use coupon code “AMY20” to get extra 20% off! All the DETAILS Linked ⬇️

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27 Replies to “Entire Designer Jewelry Collection 2021 – RANKED, TRY-ON & STORAGE | FashionablyAMY”

  1. You have a beautiful collection! 😍 I have the same issue with thick posts. 😉

  2. I like both costume and fine jewelry. They all have a place in my wardrobe.
    And I don’t get why some brands make earrings with thicker posts. So painful 🥺

  3. Super love all the statement chanel earrings !! Totally influenced by you on them!! Have a great weekend !!

  4. I’m not really into costume jewelry but I’ve been thinking I should have a pair of CC earrings. Does the gold on the costume jewelry tarnish or fade though? Would Chanel “repair” them even if it’s past the 2 Year mark?

  5. Love all the studs for the Chanel one. I had miss out the silver one, am trying to get it. Yeah my first Chanel’s earring is also the stud quite similar to what you had. Hopefully to get a few more pieces. Nice collection.

  6. Really love all your earrings! Especially the large gold cc dangling ones. I missed out on them

  7. Love all your jewelry! I wish I could wear any earrings but now I even seem to have some sensitivity to solid gold 😭.

  8. Hi Amy! Great video 🙂 I am wondering where I can find the gold necklace you are wearing in the "TOP 10 CHANEL HANDBAGS FROM MY COLLECTION!" video.

  9. Totally agreed with the 2 Dior earrings that you are selling, they are very uncomfortable to wear.

  10. What a fabulous collection, and I love the way you’ve done this video. Your Chanel earrings are amazing 🤩 . I love both costume and fine jewellery and my favourite piece is my Hermes silver Farandole 160 necklace. Have a great weekend. 💕💕

  11. Love your CHANEL collection jewelry. I have a few of the same but you have two I loveeee and one I am always debating to get And paying premium for 😭😭😭

  12. Stunning pieces babe! I love everything but that long pearl Chanel necklace is 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  13. I love your collection I tend to buy gold jewelry or I use too with the price of gold now not as much . I’m really tempted to get a Chanel earring I keep looking so maybe I will
    Take the plunge . I recently discovered Jenny Bird Canadian designer really love the pieces I got from her .

  14. I am definitely a costume jewelry person as I love statement pieces. I love your entire collection, but favorite pieces are your gold necklace and the black leather brooch.

  15. Beautiful collection! I‘ve been so good this past year in not buying any designer costume jewelry after having purchased quite a few pieces in 2018 and 2019 but man…I just love Chanel earrings😍🤤

  16. I love your jewelry collection, especially the earrings. I know what you mean about thicker posts hurting your ears. I have the same problem.

  17. I was considering the Dior tribal earrings. Do you think they are very heavy? How is the quality?

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