5 Valuable Vintage Costume Jewelry Brand to Sell on Ebay | Selling Jewelry on Ebay & Online

5 Valuable Vintage Costume Jewelry Brand to Sell on Ebay | Selling Jewelry on Ebay & Online

5 Costume Jewelry Brands to keep an eye out for to sell on Ebay. Look for this valuable jewelry at estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, etc
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5 Valuable Vintage Costume Jewelry Brand to Sell on Ebay | Selling Jewelry on Ebay & Online

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I support my family by reselling things I can flip from the Goodwill Outlet Bins, garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, Goodwill online, ThredUp rescue boxes on Ebay and Etsy. I like to do unboxings of jewelry jars, thredup reject boxes, jewelry hauls from places like shopgoodwill, online auctions, ebay, and more! Garage sale, thrift shop, and estate sale hauls of vintage items, jewelry jars, and jewelry are always fun too!

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50 Replies to “5 Valuable Vintage Costume Jewelry Brand to Sell on Ebay | Selling Jewelry on Ebay & Online”

  1. Thank you for this video!! Great information. I’m excited for more videos!! I love learning about the different makers!!

  2. how do you find out if those trifari are the REALLY expensive ones, its not just crown trifaris right?

  3. I would like to learn more about Kramer. Just found a set of earrings at an estate sale for $4.00.

  4. Thanks for this video! I thought that Bogof listing with the old ads was really cool. Is that ok to find an old ad for a piece of jewelry and put it in your Ebay listing? Is that a trademark issue or is that fine to do? Thanks.

  5. I love Trifari that’s the pieces once I get , I stash like a squirrel 🐿 ,lol

  6. I would like to see the often looked over vintage 70s pieces was born early 60s but for some reason 70 pieces confound me…thanks margerat for your love of jewelry and your knowledge now I have some homework, reading to do, lol

  7. Love all videos from you but I really like the educational ones. Information equals knowledge!

  8. Thanks for this video, Margaret. I’d have an interest in learning more about Boucher jewelry. Thanx! Hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

  9. Thank you Margaret. Money would be a good one too because I know there are upper and lower end there also. Blessings.

  10. Great Video, Thanks Can you do a video identifying more average jewelry, I get lost with some many different hag tags

  11. I feel like have same great vintage pieces proving them is tough but I love the hunt

  12. I’ve been binging your unboxing videos lately, so it was nice to see your sweet face in this one! Thanks for the run down, good info! 😀

  13. You are doing such a wonderfully educational service for everyone. Thank you so much!!

  14. Hi Margaret, I checked my volume and it’s all the way up, but I had a really hard time hearing this video. Can you go back in and adjust the volume?Great video though.

  15. It was sad when there was a brooch with a tassle and you didn’t sing the sassy tassle song. I will look forward to when I hear it again.

  16. Kramer of New York is one that I’ve always loved. Great informative video girl!❤️❤️

  17. Haha ! That 25$ Weiss butterfly brooch was mine! I know I should have held out for more I think I had it at 49 obo and it sat for a few months 😐 sometimes I do send or accept low offers if sales have been slow . But thank you for thinking I could have gotten more . I agree with you 🤓

  18. Could you please do a video about “Mexican silver “ I have a necklace that is thought to be Mexican silver but have never heard of that before. Thank you. I enjoy your videos very much I’m learning a lot

  19. wonderful video, appreciate your hard work & research. I didnt find out til recently it is pronounced "Tri-fair-y".

  20. Hi Margaret, just love watching you, you’re so much fun…but I have a comment about Trifari..dont remember if you mentioned them here and please know I’m just passing some info along..no "these ones" comment 😊. When I was young I worked at a high end womens clothing store and we sold Trifari…the first i is pronounced like the i in it, not a long i like in tri which you would expect. I even listened to the YouTube appraiser Dr Lori appraise a piece of Trifari to make sure.

  21. Thanks Margaret! You are so helpful. I know it takes a lot of time to do these videos. I appreciate you! Lynn

  22. Thanks,,I am behind on all this…stuck in 80’s…so thank you. Even as not a seller yet.

  23. Well thank you!
    Very informative.
    I work for a non profit resale store and have the great pleasure of rifling through jewlery, as well as ebay sales.
    The little crown trifari symbol that dangles has ALWAYS had me stumped, I knew it was something but never had time to do research!
    mystery solved 🤗🤗🤗
    Thank you.
    Can’t wait to learn more😘

  24. Hi Margaret…I heard Marre shout you out on Dinner with the Gaffigans for your donation..it was so cool!

  25. I am beginning to research my mother’s costume jewelry, and I found you to be very helpful. I’m 71 yo, so my mom’s jewelry is mostly from the 50’s and 60’s. I would really like to know more about Aurora Borealis jewelry. Thank you so much!

  26. Thank you! I was at a yard sale Saturday and bought a tub of jewelry. One had a strange hang tag and I thought “how am I going to find this one?” And you solved it, the necklace is crown Trifari! (Sp?)

  27. Interesting and Useful…
    thanks for your time putting this together for us…
    ~Patricia in San Antonio

  28. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of knock-off James Avery jewelry for sale on EBay – mostly of the designs that James Avery has retired. So annoying.

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